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 We are a group of military veterans working together to bring back The GREAT Georgia Oyster. The Great Georgia Oyster Company will be using modern mariculture farming methods to bring back our local bivalve culture. Our vision is to place the Georgia oyster back to the top of the maritime hierarchy. Our oysters will be available to Chef’s and retail in 2020.  


How We Will Be Restoring Our Waters

We will be carefully raising our Premium Single Oysters by hand from seed to harvest, and passionately care for them as stewards of our coastal waters. Using modern mariculture farming techniques utilizing floating cages, they are farmed to a perfect market size naturally, for even the most scrutinous chef or consumer. Our restorative growing process guarantees the highest quality, and also takes the pressure off of the wild oyster reefs. In addition, we revitalize degrading or dying ocean ecosystems by creating new ecosystem sanctuaries for many marine species like crabs, other invertebrates, and marine plants. No need for agro-chemicals, fertilizer or antibiotics. Our modern form of mariculture may actually help save the oceans of the world. 

Coming Soon....

Our Premium Single Oysters will be hand raised and cared for naturally in the famous waters of the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia.  


Catering & Events

In an effort to bring awareness about Georgia oysters and restorative mariculture farming in all of our communities, we are available to do off-site caterings, events, and festivals. Please contact our team and together, we can help Make Oysters Georgia Again. #MOGA

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to increase our advocacy, improve conditions for oyster mariculture, and increase public knowledge for oyster farming in Georgia. Your generous donation will help fund our mission, and help Make Oysters Georgia Again. #MOGA

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We love our customers! We will be offering on farm dinners and mari-time tours of our farm in 2020.

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